A Role Model of Healthy Living for Your Kids

A Role Model of Healthy Living for Your Kids

They sure do tell you many things before you have kids but one thing I can’t seem to remember hearing was that that somebody would ALWAYS be watching me from here on out.

I’m sure it was told to me and I’m also sure I shrugged it all off just like most of the advice I was given.  I was a lot younger then (11.5 months ago) so I’ll just blame it on youth.

I have little eyes on me at all time.  Seeing what I am eating, how I’m eating, what I’m looking at, what I’m working on, seeing me on my cell phone, and a heck of a lot more.  My almost year old daughter tries to dance like me, make the same noises like me, and even sing like me.

She's learned how to unwind
She’s learned how to unwind

It’s a beautiful thing to watch her attempts at impersonating me but it also makes me a little self conscious.  Sure she may pick up my wonderful singing voice and  knack for knowing my way around a dance floor, but is it possible to may latch on to some of my bad habits as well?

A big kick to the gut came after my wife and I were weighing ourselves one morning.  We each hopped on and off the scale to see where we were, then proceeded to walk out of the bathroom only to realize my little girl wasn’t following us.  I walked back into the bathroom to see her sitting on the scale looking down on the lit up numbers.

Now I understand she wasn’t truly weighing herself to see how much her last few bottles was impacting her mass, I get that.  What I did realize was that she was going to do what mommy and daddy were doing.  Monkey see, monkey do.

This was a singular event yet it is shaping the way I go through life.  She won’t remember sitting on that scale but I will.

As a parent to a little girl, I want to make sure I conduct myself in a manner in which I promote health and strength, not weight and vanity.  I want her to see value as a person. I want her to live a badass life.

So I’ve decided that in order for her to live a badass life, I must live a badass life.  I must take on challenges, overcome failure, grind every day, and stay true to my values no matter the situation.  There will be the days that suck but knowing that there are eyes on me is motivation enough.

What about you though?

You might not be a parent but I would imagine you still have someone looking up to you.  Could be a niece or nephew, coworker or friend, relative or could be someone you just meet for a second. Odds are you are a role model in some fashion.

So live like you are one.

Get out of your comfort zone.  Lead, if only by example. Eyes are on you.  Go be a badass and show others how to do the same.  Just think what this world would be like if we all did that.  Better yet, just think what this world would be like if even half of us did.

This world needs more people who wake up every day and lead others.  Leadership is not for everyone.  I doubt my own skills at times.  However this world could also use more positive role models.  Don’t just leave it up to the Charles Barkley’s of the world.

So I wish you good luck.  Hopefully you’ll do the same for me.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”

Ben MacMillan

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