Are you Carrying more than 10lbs?

Are you Carrying more than 10lbs?

I was sitting down with a client this morning as a part of our food coaching program when she brought something to my attention that forced me to pause.  Now that’s no small task, getting me to hush up for a minute, so I knew it was profound and I had to share it with you fine people.

She commented that the ten pounds she is trying to lose is really much heavier than that.

At first my simpleton brain was confused.  I mean how is ten pounds not ten pounds….well  I guess you could be somewhere where gravity affects you differently like another planet, perhaps Jupiter or even a non-planetary body like Pluto.

Turning off the ADD switch now….

She was carrying emotional anguish, pain, and lack of self awareness that influenced her self image and that was weighing her down more than the weight she was trying to lose.


It hit me like a guy texting and driving.  Here she is trying to overcome 60+ years of  habits and psyche building/ tearing down and all we are talking about is 10lbs of that “stubborn body fat”.

Game changing session.

I’ve been training for a little over 5 years and I learned early on that training is more than sweat inducing reps.  It’s 80% psychology (give or take 15%).  We trainers, food coaches, and the like all work to address the problems on the surface.  It is vital that we dig deeper into the cavernous psyche to understand the underlying issues.  It is also vital that those who search out the help of those professional, you the client, be up front and honest that issues exist.

Ask yourself….

  • What extra weight are you carrying around??
  • Are you using food or exercise to hide behind?

I’ll leave you with this.  If you remember the movie Patch Adams, you’ll recall his message of treating the person.  It went something like “You treat a person, I guarantee you win!”.

Patch was a good cat.  Ahead of his time but his message is timeless.  We are all humans (I think) and we all have feelings, emotions, and put up walls to hide behind.  Often that is weight and punish ourselves for what is deep in our subconscious.  I’m not saying figure out EXACTLY what it is, but do understand that it’s there.  Differentiate body weight and emotional weight that is holding you back from being the best you possible.

Exercise, eat right, and be honest with yourself (and indirectly to your trainers, friends, and family!)

Be well.

Ben MacMillan

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