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Are You Starving for Your ‘Summer Body’? Stop!

How many articles about getting your "summer body" have you seen lately on magazine covers? The prospect of more time in shorts and swimsuits may have you looking to drop a few pounds quickly. The desire for fast weight loss can lead us to some pretty...

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5 Ways More Sleep Will Make You Healthy and Happy

It's the last push before the end of the school year. You're crazy-busy. With so much going on, you might be surprised that we're urging you to take some of your valuable time to get more sleep. After all, we're a gym. And perhaps you're used...

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10 Step plan to having more time.

Have you recently felt stretched too thin, overworked & underutilized, busy but not so productive? We have this inclination to cram everything in and take nothing out. As our time slowly slips away, it’s harder to fit in a consistent workout routine. So naturally, we set...

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Box Jumps

We love this exercise because it builds leg muscle fast and improves balance. Runners love Box Jumps because they help increase speed and strength that comes in handy in the final miles of the race. Plus, it’s convenient. There’s no need to run to the...

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Quick Step-Ups

We love this exercise because it gets the heart rate up, builds muscle in the calves and shin, and improves foot speed. More importantly, there is no equipment required. Just find a low sturdy surface around the house or outside, then put your feet to...

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Superband Squats

We love this exercise because it works the large muscle groups in the leg; quads, glutes and hamstrings. The Superband squat is perfect for runners to help strengthen the legs, or for the person looking to incorporate a new move into their next workout. If you...

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Superband X-Walk

Runners, we’re bringing you another exercise to try before your next run, using a band. We call this exercise the Superband X-walk. This lateral walk helps strengthen muscles in the hips, which in return stabilizes the hip and knees. The ‘X’ made by crossing the...

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Medicine Ball Toe Taps

Break out your medicine ball for this next exercise! Runners, you will love medicine ball toe taps because they’re a non-impact cardio exercise that gets your heart rate up and improves agility.   First, place the ball in front of your feet. Then lightly rest one...

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in30 Runner’s Stretch: Set 2

During this week’s video, we show you three simple moves to keep your runs pain-free and efficient. Each move helps improve agility and stabilize hips, knees, and ankles. Try these before or after your next run....

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in30 Runner’s Stretch: Set 1

In this week’s video, we’re showing you a dynamic warm up for runners including three simple moves that will have you running faster, pain-free and more efficient. Try 30 seconds with each of these moves before you journey out the door for your next run....

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