Want a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to be simple?

I'm owning the fact that this is a naive and simplistic thought: I don't know why everybody wouldn't want a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to be simple.   By simple, I don't mean the extreme and intense programs you see plastered on social media and gossiped about with your friends.  It's not about...

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How To Make Change Finally Last

All health. All fat loss. All "get my pre-baby body back". All "get my health back cause the doc scared me." All "look like I did back in high school but I don't have time." All of these, regardless of the outcome you desire, boil down to behaviors. It doesn't...

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There Is Nothing Magic About New Year’s Day

Closing the chapter of one year and opening the doors of opportunity to the next is an exciting time. We celebrate with family and friends the days that have passed. We dream big for what's in store in the days to come. Looking back, can you even remember what...

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The Fight That You Should Embrace

Great leaders are both relentless and boring.  They have an uncanny ability to continuously journey down the same unforgiving path for a long time. Some call it grit. Others call it obsession. You might call it a typical day. Whatever you call it, one thing we can...

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The Definition Of A Great Life

The definition of a great life:  If you don't like your address, change it - you're not a tree. This makes life great because it reminds us we have a choice.  We can't change the fundamental seasons of life, but we can change ourselves.When your life is...

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How To Win The Sprint To The Finish Line

Most plan their next vacation with precision:  Flights and connections are tight Transportation to, from and around your destination is locked in. RSVP's are made at the right restaurants at the right times. Outings are researched, planned, and booked Eager anticipation builds over the months and weeks prior ...

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