Do nutrition labels have scurvy?

Do nutrition labels have scurvy?

What do you truly get out of reading the nutrition label on a food package?

Percentages, grams, serving sizes, and all that other quantitative goodness.

You know, the stuff you can enter on your MyFitnessPal.

But other than that, what do you personally get?

Satisfaction perhaps? A vote of confidence?

True, the label was put there to help but at the same time it is merely a sales ploy. Think about it, our health crazed society has grown to care so much about the scientific breakdown of what we eat that it has become common place to see someone scan the label of their food before they put it in their cart.

You’ve seen it. You’ve done it. It’s okay, no judgement will be passed.

Just know the nutrition label isn’t the end all be all. I’m not saying it has no purpose in this world but I am saying we rely too much on information we don’t fully understand.  This is something I have come across frequently during food coaching sessions.  Percentages are confusing and misleading yet their seems to be a blind allegiance to those numbers.

Real food doesn’t have labels. Food didn’t have labels for hundreds of years and I think we did just fine. Sure there was the occasional scurvy attack but overall we were healthy.

Luckily scurvy isn’t a real issue these days. Whew. However, our reliance on a misunderstood system is an issue. Why is it an issue? Well for starters, we don’t fully understand the percentages, why they exist, how they pertain to us, and more.

Then there are those pesky calories.  We love to look at the calorie numbers. The fewer the better right?

Let’s end the reliance of the nutrition label.  Deep down you know what is good and what you should avoid. Live outside the box and don’t let MyFitnessPal push you around like some schoolyard bully. It’s a terrible way to live.

PS: Stove Top stuffing doesn’t exactly qualify as real food but it was the best way we could convey an attack of scurvy.  Wicked stuff.

Ben MacMillan

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