How To Curb A Lifetime Of Poor Habits.

How To Curb A Lifetime Of Poor Habits.

As the year winds down, people puzzle over:

  • How did the year fly by so fast?
  • Wasn’t it just yesterday we…?
  • Where does the time go?

“Time is the most valuable thing you have; be sure to spend it well” was a frequent saying of President Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson was always the most excessive, immoderate man. Ceaseless striving, a chronically strained metabolism, and an appalling diet of whatever he was able to consume in the gaps of his maniacal schedule, proved to be almost fatal:

  • Breakfast was four cigarettes and black coffee.
  • Dinners of fried steaks and fried potatoes were washed down with bourbon.
  • Bedtime happened around 1-2:00am and he woke around 6:30am (roughly 5’ish hours).
  • Frantic pace of each day never allowed him to slow down, let alone time to take care of his body.

It wasn’t until a massive heart attack forced the renewing of old priorities, resetting his course, and reestablishing the determination to better himself for the good of those he served.

Over a six-month recovery period, it became clear, that it was necessary that he curb a lifetime of poor habits. Johnson slowly changed his daily routine by…

  • eating a healthy diet and drinking less
  • exercising daily, swimming often, and losing forty pounds
  • going to bed earlier and adding an afternoon nap
  • setting out to walk more slowly and enjoy the relationships in his life
  • adopting a well-rounded and meditative lifestyle

The brush with death forced Johnson’s entire mode of living to be altered. He used this setback to rededicate himself to sustainable health, strength and purpose of direction. 

What this means for you: 

A bona fide metamorphosis can take place in your life and mine if, and only if, we rededicate our lives to that which sustains our daily energy. This rededication rests in the multiple occasions you experience to make choices daily.

Here are 3 keys to start with curbing poor habits as you look ahead to the New Year: 

  1. Eat less carbs:
    • It’s not that the Whole30, ketosis, Paleo, or plant-based diets are magical. 
    • It’s the fact that you cut out a lot of the junk carbs and crap meats (fast food).
  1. Move 30 minutes 6 days a week | 180 minutes:
    • Yes, it’s crazy to say almost everyday. But, even LBJ found time in his busy schedule.
    • Lifting weights 3 x’s a week
    • Conditioning 3 x’s a week
    • 180 minutes of moving out of 10,080 minutes in one week. You’ll still have 9,900 minutes to invest elsewhere.
  1. Cut daily drinking in 1/2:
    • You’re right, some alcohol is good. 
    • I can almost guarantee you’d drastically lose that 10-25 lbs that’s been hanging around since college or since the kids were born by cutting your drinking in half. 
    • You won’t stop being Fun Bobby when you nix the drinking in half, nor will you lose clients or friends. In fact, most will respect you and be encouraged that you’re making the change they wish they were brave enough to follow.  

As you set out on this journey of sustainable health, let these be your guidelines:

  1. Acknowledge a change in direction is needed. 
  2. Ask lots of questions.

Anticipate and welcome peer pressure (make your parents proud).

Assume full responsibility for your choices. 

Aspire to cope with pressure and replenish energy by living the Avenu in30 Lifestyle.

Brent Gallagher

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