Our Bodies Are Like One Time Use AirPods

Our Bodies Are Like One Time Use AirPods

Companies design for performance and sales, not life span.

Extending product life is not consistent with growth on the financial side.

Case in point, your AirPods will probably die soon. That’s because every time you charge them, they degrade a little.  At first, their charge lasted five hours, but now they sometimes last only half an hour.

Fitness Follies
It’s an extreme act of consumer unfriendliness, but the fitness world has adopted these practices as well.

They make money when you train more, not sleep more and eat better. They’re not financially responsible for seeing you make this a sustainable part of your lifestyle. Besides, there’s another crop of younger individuals coming up who can push themselves harder and can take your place.

The Wonder Years
When you were young, you could skimp on sleep, workout really hard and pretty much eat and drink whatever. Besides, your batteries would recharge quickly.

What if you tried to do that today for a month?

At first, you could cypher enough energy from tomorrow to fuel you through today. And when exhaustion settled in, you could recharge with massive amounts of caffeine.

And when you couldn’t fall asleep because your mind wouldn’t stop racing, a little alcohol or ambien would do the trick.

And when you toss and turn all night because your body’s nervous system is fried from running on overdrive, you’d make sure to crush your morning workout (run, spin or HIIT class) to energize yourself through the morning hours.

Don’t you think, just like the AirPods, you’d “degrade a little”?

Leave It to Beaver 

Back in the day, we tried to interpret the ways of the world through our own youthful and naïve perspective.

Today, we rely on businesses built on performance and sales to help us navigate the daily grind.

But if I can paint a realistic picture, our bodies are like one time use AirPods. Once our batteries lose their charge, we can’t toss them and get new ones.

We have to be mindful to…

  • not speed up the degrading with poor choices.
  • get proper sleep, even if it means missing a few workouts, Netflix season finales, or regular season games on TV.
  • learn to take our foot off the gas in order for our bodies to fully recharge weekly (not just on vacation).
  • listen to our bodies when we start to feel sluggish, antsy, depressed, or shameful.
  • address our past wounds that always slip into our minds when the day slows down and the stillness of the night scares us.

Mindfulness can’t be sold in an app, class or bottle.

It’s a practice that only you can achieve by focusing your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

Your challenge:

Next time you find yourself reaching for your phone at the stoplight or grocery store line…
Next time you find yourself pouring a nightly glass of your favorite drink to unwind…
Next time you find yourself mindlessly opening the fridge or cabinets…

Stop and ask yourself:

  1. What am I feeling right now?
  2. Where do I feel it at?
  3. Is there a healthy alternative to what am I about to do that will truly recharge me?

It’s not easy, but so worth it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Brent Gallagher

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