Our Space

Facility + Equipment

As the go-to neighborhood gym in West U, our environment is as unique as our approach. When we built this space, we brought in restaurant designers instead of designers who specialize in gyms. That means our surroundings feel very different from the typical stale gym experience you might be familiar with.

Your gym experience shouldn’t be complicated. At Avenu, you can jump right into your workout without dealing with parking hassles or other stresses. We also nixed all the clunky machines. From the gym floor to the ceiling, you’ll see we considered every aspect of your experience. We elevated and customized every detail. With this fresh design, you can avoid distractions and focus on what’s most important: getting fit.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about a massage to work out some lingering aches and pains but you just can’t find the time. Or perhaps you just don’t like the whole production that typically goes with getting bodywork: the robes, the New Age music — you know what we mean.

Avenu Fit provides bodywork that’s just as convenient as our fitness offerings. We created a comfortable setting where we can help you reduce or eliminate pain, increase your range of motion or enhance your performance. Best of all, sessions are designed to fit your busy schedule.

Appointments are 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes. To schedule, call us at 713.661.5800 or email David@AvenuFit.com.

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