Overwhelmed, Underperforming & Stressed. Back to the Basics

Overwhelmed, Underperforming & Stressed. Back to the Basics

A few of the people in the health and fitness world I follow have been pushing a return to the basics.

Seems counterintuitive at first but the more I have thought about it, the more I am working to move towards de-complexing things.  The argument is that the overcomplicating of training and nutrition have relegated us to a group suffering from paralysis by analysis.

There is so much information out there that it is pretty freaking overwhelming.  Especially to those who are really struggling with what the best things are for them to do.

It is a challenge and there have been the times I have been challenged with am I really helping people or just making things more difficult.  I am certain it is a good mix of both but the fact that I may be a detriment to some is hard to swallow.

The uplifting aspect of it all is our nutrition/ lifestyle program at Avenu is relatively basic.  I can promise I will guarantee to further increase the simplicity of basics.

So how do you know if you’ve overcomplicated things?

-Are you constantly consulting google or your own gut feelings?

-Are you always trying the latest diet or workout program instead of sticking with a consistent plan?

The basics are seen as more boring but they are proven.  The basics may take longer but they see longer last results.  The basics are the route to go.  Only when you master them,  can and should you move on to more complex things.

What are the basics?

As far as movement goes: Lift heavy stuff occasionally, move often, don’t sit too much, get some mobility work in, trust your body. Bonus: you’d be surprised what basic movements like bear crawls and rolling patterns will do for your body.

As far as nutrition goes: Cut out the processed $hit, eat slowly, eat veggies, eat some protein and fat.  Quite simply put “Eat like you give a damn about yourself.” Cook your own food.  Deep down you know how to eat.

As far as everything else goes: Quit staying up late to watch tv or surf social media, take time to breathe, prioritize your life.

The basics 101.

Ya that sounds redundant but what of it? Be real with yourself.  Take that dramatic look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you are really doing yourself a favor.

Being real is the first step in GAINING a new mindset and body.  Get started with regressing how complicated your style of training and eating may be.

Ben MacMillan

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