Owning Up To A Poor Choice In The Moment

Owning Up To A Poor Choice In The Moment

True Texans pay attention to their country music roots. And Chris Stapleton is bringing back the old-school twang we grew up with (or that turned you away in the first place).

Throughout his song Nobody to Blame“, bad things happen to him as a relationship goes south. The true wisdom is repeated in the chorus:

I know right where I went wrong
I know just what got her gone
Turned my life into this country song
And I got nobody to blame but me
I got nobody to blame but me

You and I might call this different things:

  • Maturity
  • Ownership
  • Personal accountability
  • Taking full responsibility
  • Putting your big-boy pants on
  • Getting what he deserves (let’s not go there!)

When you were busted as a kid for goofing around, life was a lot easier if you owned up to it instead of blaming Ricky or Sally and hiding behind the excuses. As you embraced the consequences, you (hopefully) learned that life is full of choices and at the time, you didn’t make the best one.

As you’ve grown up, started your career, got married and became a parent, this bit of wisdom I’m sure resonates:

Owning up to a poor choice in the moment takes a mixture of humility, vulnerability and courage.  

But it’s easier to pass the buck:

  • I can’t stop drinking. I have too much travel and entertaining clients.
  • Chick-fil-a is the only fast place to get something to eat after school pick up.
  • I can’t go to be early. The game’s on.
  • At least they were just sweet potato fries.
  • I can’t stand drinking plain water. Diet drinks are the only option at the office.
  • There’s no gym at the hotel.
  • Well, we were out with friends…

Living life in a healthy and sustainable manner is a choice. So are neglect, making excuses and living with the “it won’t happen to me” mentality.

So let me put the cookies on the bottom shelf for you and define the simplest starting point for you beginning today:

Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself when it comes to your health.

If you don’t care about your health, waistline and what happens when your 70, 80 or 90, just delete these messages.

But if you’re seriously trying to make a change to become healthier because you don’t want to look back with regret, hear me out. You can dance around the truth with your spouse, the doctor and even those you seek guidance from to shape up and lose a few lbs.

If you find yourself stagnate or slipping backwards in terms of your waistline or health despite the:

  • “I eat healthy…”
  • “…but I’m really trying to lose weight”
  • “I’m doing everything I can and can’t seem to make any progress…”

…it’s time to hit the pause button and take ownership of the truth that only you know.  Once you own your truth 100%, you’ll be amazed when you find yourself owning:

  • I eat healthy, but I do still enjoy my weekends too much.
  • I’m still drinking a lot throughout the week, but I’m really trying to lose weight.
  • I’m doing everything I can and can’t seem to make any progress. That’s probably because I’m super stressed at work, it’s carrying over into my marriage, my kids are acting like a wild pack of ravaged javelinas, and I’m only getting about 6 hours of sleep.

In the moment, truth is hard.  But it’s in that moment where life is transformed, your waistline is regained and growing old becomes something we look forward to with optimism that our health will be thriving till our last day.

Deep stuff. Wrestle with it a bit and let me know if you have any questions.

Brent Gallagher

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