The shame felt in the presence of a unicorn

The shame felt in the presence of a unicorn

Let’s say you are the average barnyard animal. A chicken, sheep, pig, donkey. Go ahead and choose.

All the animals you could have chosen from have admirable qualities and are unique and fantastic in their own way. Chickens lay eggs, sheep have wool, pigs make bacon, donkeys guard livestock, etc.

So there you are being the typical (insert animal here) and in walks a Unicorn. I’m talking freaking sparkly white, a mane and tail perfectly groomed, and a horn so majestic it would brings a tear to your animal eye.

All in all, that Unicorn is a 10.

Now, it does you no favors to compare your (insert animal here) to that Unicorn but you do it anyways because, hey, it’s what we do. You start paying more attention to your dingy coat and un-kept hair, and you make it painfully aware to yourself that you are lacking that horn.

You start doubting yourself and pay no attention to the great qualities you have because you are so enamored with the fact that you don’t have what that Unicorn has. Life seems worse all of the sudden. Thoughts start to creep into your mind that weren’t there previously.

“Maybe I can lose a few pounds.”
“How do I lighten up this hair?”

The thoughts come and go day after day. Comparing yourself to such an impressively perfect creature is exhausting. So much effort put in to tear yourself apart over things that aren’t truly that important.

After a few months of the Unicorn taking up residence in the barnyard you notice that it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose. It’s always well kept and pretty to look at but it sure as hell can’t lay eggs, produce wool, guard anything, and it certainly doesn’t have any bacon.

What you don’t know is that same Unicorn you put on a pedestal has the same doubts running through her mind as you do.

Just think, if you took any of the energy you spent doubting yourself and put it into being the best you possible, how much better of a person you could be. Spend 5 less minutes staring at your belly in front of the mirror and use it to prep some veggies. Take the negative words you say or think and flip them into something positive.

Let’s stop trying to be someone else so we can have what we perceive them to have. Be the most authentic you possible. Own it.

Oh and stop staring at the Unicorn. It is making her uncomfortable.

Ben MacMillan

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