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Stubborn Belly Fat | Confusion In The Chaos

We are blessed with an incredible capacity to endure. But when we're bombarded with one extreme on top of another and little time to recover, our once firm foundation begins to feel like a house of cards. In matters of health and fat loss, there's constant confusion: ...

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2 Mile Challenge

As kids, running a mile in PE probably was a standard practice.   As adults, running 3 miles earns you 10,000 steps.   But what about the neglected middle mile: The 2nd? (for those of you who were the middle child, I feel your pain!).   We often run right...

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Curious about the most efficient method for fat loss?

Ironically, fat loss and cardio don't go hand in hand. But if you follow conventional fat loss wisdom, you'd feel you have to: Jog 3-5 miles Spin 45 minutes Sign up for a Marathon or Triathlon We know that exercise stimulates growth hormone.  The question remains: What specific type...

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The most attractive offer: Do less, then obsess

Work ethic will get you only so far on your pursuit to a fit life.  If you rely solely on it, the mental gremlins whisper: Are you burning enough calories? Did you really push yourself hard enough? Shouldn't you do more? The sense of not being enough or measuring...

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How to get away with working out less

Without an "off" there's technically no "on". Professional athletes have off-seasons to recover to perform at their best in season. We schedule vacations to recharge our batteries so we can thrive when we return. If your workout plan follows mainstream media, you'll feel that not crushing 110% is...

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Medicine Ball Toe Taps

Break out your medicine ball for this next exercise! Runners, you will love medicine ball toe taps because they’re a non-impact cardio exercise that gets your heart rate up and improves agility.   First, place the ball in front of your feet. Then lightly rest one...

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