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Life, Like The Weather, Swims In Uncertainty

Like it or not, life swims in uncertainty.  Few factors epitomize this as much as the Houston weather. Today, we're enjoying cool and stormy Spring weather. Tomorrow, it could be so hot and sticky that we would wish for Summer to be over already. And 10-days from now, it's...

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in30 Runner’s Stretch: Set 2

During this week’s video, we show you three simple moves to keep your runs pain-free and efficient. Each move helps improve agility and stabilize hips, knees, and ankles. Try these before or after your next run....

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in30 Runner’s Stretch: Set 1

In this week’s video, we’re showing you a dynamic warm up for runners including three simple moves that will have you running faster, pain-free and more efficient. Try 30 seconds with each of these moves before you journey out the door for your next run....

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4 ways frozen food can improve your life

In today’s world of health and quality, the word fresh is king.  The fresher and more local it is, the better it is for you, the environment, and the next 16 generations of your offspring.  However great fresh produce may be, it isn’t always what we feed ourselves and/ or our...

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The Most Underrated Tool to Living Fit

Sleep is the most underrated tool you have in your wellness arsenal. When you neglect your capacity to get quality, restful sleep, you disrupt your ability to live a truly healthy life. Not getting enough sleep? You are probably dealing with: Weight Gain Problems Losing Weight ...

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