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Q & A: Motivating My Spouse, Organic & Fasting?

My husband loves to workout in the afternoon. I can't seem to get out of bed nor find the time in my day to fit in a workout. Any ideas? It's difficult to put ourselves first before making sure everyone else is taken care. You rely...

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Stubborn Belly Fat | Confusion In The Chaos

We are blessed with an incredible capacity to endure. But when we're bombarded with one extreme on top of another and little time to recover, our once firm foundation begins to feel like a house of cards. In matters of health and fat loss, there's constant confusion: ...

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There are no healthy claims in the produce section

Eatable food like substances shouldn’t be confused with real food. At the grocery story, it plays out like this: No healthy claims = Produce section = least profitable foods for farmers Endless healthy claims = Center isles = highest profitable foods for companies   As I flip through...

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3 Things That Grocery Stores Don’t Want You To Know

It’s fair to say a majority of us get the bulk of our groceries from the grocery store. In case you were curious or questioning where else you would get food from, there are farms, farmers markets, and co-ops. I also believe it’s fair to say...

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