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2 Mile Challenge

As kids, running a mile in PE probably was a standard practice.   As adults, running 3 miles earns you 10,000 steps.   But what about the neglected middle mile: The 2nd? (for those of you who were the middle child, I feel your pain!).   We often run right...

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Medicine Ball Toe Taps

Break out your medicine ball for this next exercise! Runners, you will love medicine ball toe taps because they’re a non-impact cardio exercise that gets your heart rate up and improves agility.   First, place the ball in front of your feet. Then lightly rest one...

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in30 Runner’s Stretch: Set 2

During this week’s video, we show you three simple moves to keep your runs pain-free and efficient. Each move helps improve agility and stabilize hips, knees, and ankles. Try these before or after your next run....

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in30 Runner’s Stretch: Set 1

In this week’s video, we’re showing you a dynamic warm up for runners including three simple moves that will have you running faster, pain-free and more efficient. Try 30 seconds with each of these moves before you journey out the door for your next run....

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Conditioning Set

Here's a conditioning workout that will push you to the next level in 30 minutes or less....

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