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Fitness standards don’t equate to healthy standards

To be considered "fit" in 2018, society has defined it on Facebook and Instagram as:  Running a marathon. Training like a Navy SEAL. Competing in an obstacle race. Rocking a 6-pack year round. Supporting long, lean muscles like a ballet dancer Crushing every workout, every day, never taking...

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Train with tomorrow in mind

Working out isn't about exhausting ourselves.   It's about uncovering the balance between just enough and still some left in the tank for later today.   Why?   Because you still have work, meetings, family time, kid events, friends over for dinner, and that ever growing to-do list...

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Want to know the best meal plan for fat loss?

Old school wisdom taught us: "Give a man a fish and he's hungry again in a few hours. Teach him how to fish and he'll live a fit and healthy life." So maybe I modified it a bit, but you see where I'm going. If your "diet" is...

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