The Fitness World Is Laced With Short-Term Solutions

The Fitness World Is Laced With Short-Term Solutions

Marketers run A/B Testing to compare two versions of a single variable.

Do you respond better to:

  • Blue vs Red background
  • $297 vs $301

Basically, both options are pretty similar.

A/B Testing the Fitness World
If you look at nutrition and workout offerings today, entrepreneurs and investors are A/B testing pretty much the same concepts with slight tweaks.

  • Big group run, lift, row VS Big group lift, row, run
  • Big group spin, core, lift VS Big group spin, dance, core
  • Keto VS Paleo 
  • Almond VS Peanut
  • 3-day juice cleanse VS 3-day juice detox
  • Calorie blasting VS Get shredded / lean / fit for the summer

Everyone’s racing to become mainstream, which is simply average, conforming to the norms, and the antithesis of individuality. 

The fitness world is A/B testing short-term solutions. They are trying see which model is the most efficient, most profitable, and can be replicated the fastest. The goal is mass numbers and expect a lot of drop outs along the way. 

They aren’t trying to see which model delivers the best results, are the most sustainable and teach you the foundational skills needed to continue a healthy journey for a lifetime. Why? Because it’s not profitable enough and doesn’t scale (grow) fast enough.

A/J testing at Avenu: Yes, A/J

Since 2006, Avenu has been testing radically different concepts from what mainstream tends to offer:

  • Small group, 30 minutes VS Large group, 60 minutes
  • Sleep 7+ hrs VS don’t talk about it and push harder, even if you’re running on fumes
  • More veggies VS robust supplement and shake regime
  • Take pictures of your food VS follow our recommended 1,200 or 1,500 calorie strict diet
  • 1-2 days of short intervals conditioning VS HIIT (high intensity interval training) 5 days a week
  • 2-3 days of lifting weights, 2 days of walking VS daily cardio (45 min spin, 3-5 mile run) even though the knees hurt and you’re losing muscle
  • Address the root of past wounds that your decision making VS just workout more, go harder, farther and more extreme in hope of staying busy enough to drown out the past.

Most of what Avenu preaches can’t be monetized.
Most of what we encourage doesn’t scale quickly.
Most of what we believe in are old-school, crockpot recipes.

You’re next step: 

Instead of A/B testing similar methods to living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, why not test A/J with me?

Quick wins: 

  1. Sleep: Go to bed 10 minutes earlier. Add 10 minutes each week for 6 weeks.
  2. Veggies: Fill up 1/2 your plate with veggies at 2 meals a day. Yes, even on the weekends.
  3. Training: Lift (2-3 days). Conditioning (1-2 days). Easy movement like a walk, bike, play with kids (1-2 days)

Long-term Solutions: 

  • Address the elephant in the room. That past trauma, hurt, pain, shame that continues to drive you and keeps you saying “I’m trying to get better. Just don’t know what the deal is and why I keep falling off the wagon.”

In Brene Brown’s book, Dare to Lead, she clarifies it perfectly:

When something goes wrong, most rush into ineffective or unsustainable solutions rather than staying with problem identification and solving. When we fix the wrong thing for the wrong reason, the same problems continue to surface. It’s costly and demoralizing.

You can’t change without rumbling with vulnerability. 

Sit on this one a bit and let me know if you have any questions.   

Brent Gallagher

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