There Is Nothing Magic About New Year’s Day

There Is Nothing Magic About New Year’s Day

Closing the chapter of one year and opening the doors of opportunity to the next is an exciting time.

We celebrate with family and friends the days that have passed.
We dream big for what’s in store in the days to come.

Looking back, can you even remember what New Year Resolution you set back on January 1st? Most say speaking of it is like violating the first rule in Fight ClubYou don’t talk about fight club.

Here’s the trouble with New Year’s Resolutions: 

  • You wait till society tells you it’s okay to make life better.
  • You wait till all your friends jump on the bandwagon to make a change. 
  • You wait till a magical day to map out a plan of action to make this year the year it all finally comes together. 

The funny thing about a Resolution is that society mocks them. Seriously. January 17th is National Ditch New Year Resolution Day. Nobody really believes you’re serious about them anyway and now we have a national day to prove it.

Waiting for a magical day to start is telling your parents they were right when they said: “If your friends jump off a bridge, you jumping as well?”

Here’s the #1 New Year’s Resolution to make:

Don’t wait till January 1st to begin the journey.
Start today, the day you’re reading this.
Then do it again tomorrow.
And the next.

Think about it: 

  1. Your body needs an apple but you drink another diet coke.
  2. Your body craves a walk but you jump in the finger treadmill scrolling social media.
  3. Your body yearns for quality sleep but you feel that nightly glass of wine helps you sleep better.

As we look ahead:

There are 3 weeks left in 2018 to get ahead or to claim “I’m just to busy. I’ll start on January 1st with everyone else.”

As the Eagles once famously said “we are all just prisoners here, of our own device.” You can claim you don’t have any control or you can simply….

  1. Grab an apple – chomp chomp
  2. Go for a walk – step step
  3. Get quality sleep – snooze snooze

These steps don’t take any additional time out of your day.

They do require a conscious decision to start, to not follow the crowd, to set the trend and go first, to get off the New Year Resolution sideline and take control today.

As you journey towards a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, you realize that there’s no magical start date.

Sustainability is about starting where you’re at, in your current state, with your current habits, being completely honest and vulnerable about the story you tell yourself and the excuses that define your journey.

Grab an apple. Go for a walk. Get some quality shut eye.  

Brent Gallagher

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