What Fitness Community Do You Identify With

What Fitness Community Do You Identify With

How you identify yourself says a lot.

Without a strong sense of identity, we tend to flutter and bounce from thing to thing without much consequence, much like the feather in Forrest Gump (greatest movie of all time by the way).

Our identity gives us security and sense of purpose.  It gives way to decisiveness and makes routine easier.  Often we let our jobs or careers serve as our identity and everything else falls to the wayside.

Think about other common methods of identifying oneself:

  • Colleges we’ve attended
  • Sports teams we root for
  • Diets we are on (vegan, paleo, pescatarian)
  • Crossfitt-er, yogi, bodybuilder

These identities can run our life.  It can determine the groups of friends we have, the things we spend money on and our self esteem (Browns fans know what I’m talking about).

When people make a switch to eat better or exercise more, they face an uphill battle.  They have to overcome their previous habits, previous mindset, and then any outside voices that may creep in.

If you want to change how you eat/ exercise, you MUST change how you view yourself and how you do life.  Being decisive with statements like, “I am an exerciser” vs “I am going to exercise” or “I am a healthy eater” vs “I am going to eat healthy”.

These might seem like small parts of the equation but they ultimately feed into the biggest variables of all, your mindset and identity.  Using the phrase “I don’t…” instead of “I can’t…) is another idea of how you can take more control of the little decisions you make every day.

“I don’t drink alcohol during the week” sounds so much stronger than “I can’t drink alcohol during the week.”  The statement itself holds power.  Just think about the power it gives you when you say it.

Another thing you might need to do is change the people you surround yourself with.  When you made the decision you wanted to be a healthy people, you didn’t think that meant your friends but it certainly does.  As the saying goes, you are the average of the 5 people you are around the most.  What does your average self look like?

Want to work out more or be more active?

Hang around people that find value in that.  Want to eat better food?  Hang around people who find value in eating better!  Revolutionary thoughts I know, but just think of the ramifications if you don’t do these things.  How successful will you be if you hang around people who constantly belittle your goals, dreams, and actions?

Easy answer: You won’t be.  Surround yourself with support!

*Yes this includes Facebook and other social media.  Cut out all that negative ish*

Tip numero tres: create habits and routines.  Create routines for the hardest parts of your day.  You only have so much energy in a day.  Your brain only can handle so many decisions.  Why not build a healthy routine that lets your brain go into autopilot and reserve that energy for things you need it for.

  • Lay out your workout clothes the night before
  • Plan out a menu for the week

Easy tips you have heard before but TRY THEM! These routines and habits will allow you to succeed and get you farther away from those negative triggers.

My own advice: Create an identity you can love.  This one life is too short to put yourself down and feed into something negative.  There truly is no limit to the what you can create.

Be strong, be happy and kick ass.

Ben MacMillan

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