If You’ve Lost Weight and Regained It

If You’ve Lost Weight and Regained It

I used to put my confidence in my ability to play soccer. Then my playing days were over.

Next I put my confidence in my ability to run. Then my body started breaking down.

Finally I put my confidence in my ability to build Avenu. Then my health started slipping.

Unknowingly, I was putting my confidence in short-lived abilities that set me up to face the same problems over and over again.

Renew Your Mind

Making changes in your life tends to focus on one thing: trying harder.

More work.
Redoubling your efforts.
Mistaking movement for achievement.

But is it possible that you’re being shamed in the name of “living fit” or “burning fat” into believing that if you’re not crushing yourself and taking every aspect of your workout and nutrition to the extremes, you’re not healthy at all?

How Can You Untangle This?

It’s time to learn a new thinking cycle to replace the old, tired “try-hard/give-up/try-hard” way of living.

Wherever your health is not sustainable, you have habits and rituals that are not allowing it to stick.

If you…

  • lose weight but can’t keep it off,
  • always stop working out after 6 weeks,
  • eat healthy until the weekend hits,
  • feel guilty for taking care of yourself,
  • put yourself last on your to-do list,

…there’s a habit-loop that you haven’t broken.

When the stresses of life hit, you and I fall back into our old preprogrammed ways. And if we haven’t slowed down long enough to recognize our stress behaviors, before long we’re right back to our frustrating ways again.

Change and improvement always happen from the inside out. It’s why the old saying goes: the battle begins in the mind.

3 Challenging Steps: 

  1. Recognize the need to pause in the moment.
    • Pausing for 60 seconds usually does the trick.
  2. Recall your old patterns in the moment.
    • Remember the last time you needed a drink or overindulged on junk food.
  3. Release old habits by substituting new habits.
    • Focus on healthy boundaries, calling a friend to talk, or drinking sparkling water with lime.

By following these 3 steps, you’ll see that you don’t have to put your confidence in…

  • your ability to outrun a bad diet, as one day you might not be able to run that far.
  • your ability to crush a work out, as one day you might not be able to workout intensely.
  • your ability to thrive off other people’s opinions of you, as they might change their minds!

Ironically, the simple stuff is also the hardest.

p.s. Spring Break is a great time to establish some new workout habits. Here’s the best I can give you:
  1. Just getting back into the gym: A week’s worth of workouts and cardio
  2. You’ve been training for a while: A mixture of strength & conditioning
  3. Feel stiff: 15 minute stretching routine
  4. A mindless 30 minute workout: Don’t-think-too-much workout
  5. Just want to be coached by me: 15 minute workout with Brent
  6. The hardest Spring Break workout challenge I can give you: Dare you try 
Brent Gallagher

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