Making a Healthy Lifestyle Sustainable in Quarantine

Making a Healthy Lifestyle Sustainable in Quarantine

Hard to imagine, but it’s been 22 days of being 100% virtual for Avenu.

Since the craziness has settled a bit, I thought I’d share with you a few tips that have helped me remain healthy and productive so far.

(Actually, I set a goal to finish April healthier than I started.  So they might help you thrive and come out healthier as well.)

1) Don’t rob yourself of routine and rhythm. 
  • Before the great quarantine, life was a blur. Work meetings. Kids to this and that. Traffic. Shortcuts. Eat fast. Taste it later.
  • Now’s the time to set healthy boundaries and experiment to see what works.
  • No matter what you do, you’ll slide into a new routine: healthy and productive or the exact opposite.
2) Practice sustainable self-care.
  • Every day go for a walking commute. Take the drive time to work or dropping the kids at school and go for walk equal to that.  Same on the commute home. And yes, invite the kids to join.
  • Schedule 3 strength workouts a week into your calendar. Before, everything got in the way of being consistent. Now there’s no travel, school events, work dinners, galas, or late-night client entertaining to disrupt you.
  • Do some short intervals for about 15-minutes – play tag with your kids, run up your stairs, sprint in your backyard, find a parking lot and sprint 10 spots and walk back.
3) Cook more at home.
  • If you never had time to cook…
  • If you ordered out because you never had time…
  • If you felt you gained weight because you always ate out…
  • If you said “entertaining clients is holding me back from losing weight…”
4) Challenge yourself.
  • Now that things have slowed down, pick a healthy goal to focus on for the rest of April.
  • If you’ve been wanting to sleep more, go to bed earlier.
  • If you’ve been wanting to lose weight, pay attention to what you order and the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • If you’ve been wanting to eat better, you literally have 100% control over everything you eat through the end of the month.

Listening to a podcast I heard this:

“What’s confusing in the good times often becomes very clear in the hard times.” 

Making a healthy lifestyle sustainable a month ago was confusing.

After living through a slower pace of life, it becomes clear that it doesn’t take crushing every workout, skimping on sleep, or crazy fad diets to truly live a fit and healthy life.

All it takes is for you to refocus back on the foundational pillars that have always been there:

  1. Moving for 30 minutes every day.
  2. Filling 1/2 your plate with vegetables
  3. Sleeping 7+ hours nightly.
  4. Seeking out accountability.
As always, enjoy the day.
Brent Gallagher

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