January 2015

Are you Carrying more than 10lbs?

I was sitting down with a client this morning as a part of our food coaching program when she brought something to my attention that forced me to pause.  Now that’s no small task, getting me to hush up for a minute, so I knew...

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Why I Hate Talking Macronutrients

Bold statement.  I hate macros.  I guess I should clarify, I hate the idolization of macros.  I guess I should also clarify what macros just in case.  So macros, short for macronutrients, are the big boys when it comes to nutrition. Fat, Protein, Carbohydrates.  The nutritional...

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The shame felt in the presence of a unicorn

Let’s say you are the average barnyard animal. A chicken, sheep, pig, donkey. Go ahead and choose. All the animals you could have chosen from have admirable qualities and are unique and fantastic in their own way. Chickens lay eggs, sheep have wool, pigs make bacon,...

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Do nutrition labels have scurvy?

What do you truly get out of reading the nutrition label on a food package? Percentages, grams, serving sizes, and all that other quantitative goodness. You know, the stuff you can enter on your MyFitnessPal. But other than that, what do you personally get? Satisfaction perhaps? A vote of...

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