April 2015

Painful Plantar Fasciitis & Stabbing Bone Spurs. What to do.

I find it interesting that nowadays we are finding more and more adults who are flat-footed, but when we come out of the womb, our feet start out having a nice concave shape to them. There are several contributing factors to the disappearance of our intended...

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If Eating Veggies Isn’t Your Thing

You have been told your entire life that you need to eat more vegetables. That has been the dietary dogma for quite a long time and we have bought in wholeheartedly even though there are still quite a large number of people who are still missing...

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How You Relate to Food is How You Relate to Everything

I was in Austin this weekend at the Paleo f(x) conference to learn all the nuggets of wisdom I possibly could from leading experts in the paleo community.  It was an incredible weekend full of great information and better food (If you are in the Austin area...

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