November 2015

What Fitness Community Do You Identify With

How you identify yourself says a lot. Without a strong sense of identity, we tend to flutter and bounce from thing to thing without much consequence, much like the feather in Forrest Gump (greatest movie of all time by the way). Our identity gives us security and...

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A Role Model of Healthy Living for Your Kids

They sure do tell you many things before you have kids but one thing I can’t seem to remember hearing was that that somebody would ALWAYS be watching me from here on out. I’m sure it was told to me and I’m also sure I shrugged...

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Overwhelmed, Underperforming & Stressed. Back to the Basics

A few of the people in the health and fitness world I follow have been pushing a return to the basics. Seems counterintuitive at first but the more I have thought about it, the more I am working to move towards de-complexing things.  The argument is...

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