February 2016

Is Focus Overrated?

A lot of traditional workouts will have you work on one muscle group at a time. But that’s the harder, not smarter, way to workout. The key to the in30 Fitness model is combine, combine, combine. In this week’s in30 set, you’ll work your core...

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The workout after your workout

In this week’s in30 Fitness video, we show you a workout for after the workout. That's right. This quick set is the perfect set to push yourself just a bit harder. We know you've got more in you, and those results won't come from taking...

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Work Both Sides

In this week’s in30 Fitness video, we show you how to work the back side, and work the front at the same time. These are familiar exercises; the difference is you might not be pairing them together. If you don’t have a kettlebell or dumbbell,...

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Save time and feel better

in30 Fitness Tip: 1 In this week’s in30 Fitness video, you’ll see how easy it is to work in a mobility workout as a part of your day. If you have a foam roller and a little bit of space, you’re all set and ready to...

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