March 2016

Conditioning Set

Here's a conditioning workout that will push you to the next level in 30 minutes or less....

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Healthy Recipes: Banana Ice Cream

You know we're all about making your health goals attainable around here. If you're anything like us, that means you probably need a sweet treat once in a while to reward your hard work. Well, permission granted. Here's a sweet treat recipe for Banana Ice...

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3 Things That Grocery Stores Don’t Want You To Know

It’s fair to say a majority of us get the bulk of our groceries from the grocery store. In case you were curious or questioning where else you would get food from, there are farms, farmers markets, and co-ops. I also believe it’s fair to say...

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4 ways frozen food can improve your life

In today’s world of health and quality, the word fresh is king.  The fresher and more local it is, the better it is for you, the environment, and the next 16 generations of your offspring.  However great fresh produce may be, it isn’t always what we feed ourselves and/ or our...

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in30 Fitness Workout: Set 1

The in30 fitness model is all about efficiency and making the most of your time. Check out these four videos, and combine these sets to do your own 30 minute workout.

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How Are You Wired To Workout?

What if you could discover an optimal way to help your clients eat, workout, and set achievable health and fitness goals? Guess what, you can! Personalization is the key to unlocking your health and fitness goals. That’s why we’ve created a simple framework from the best-practice in...

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