January 2019

How To Make Thriving Health Sustainable

Everything has a starting point: Today's a starting point for the new year. Your career started with a decision. Your marriage started with a first glance. And as much as you might not like to think about it, you had a starting point. Just ask your...

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Owning Up To A Poor Choice In The Moment

True Texans pay attention to their country music roots. And Chris Stapleton is bringing back the old-school twang we grew up with (or that turned you away in the first place). Throughout his song "Nobody to Blame", bad things happen to him as a relationship goes south. The true wisdom is repeated...

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Why Didn’t I Think Of This Before?

Bakers need the dough to be the right consistency. Designers need consistency of style throughout the house. We all need consistency of character to live a life worth telling a story about. Consistency is simply "steadfast adherence to the same principles; agreement, especially uniformity among the parts of a complex thing." This "complex" thing...

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Want a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to be simple?

I'm owning the fact that this is a naive and simplistic thought: I don't know why everybody wouldn't want a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to be simple.   By simple, I don't mean the extreme and intense programs you see plastered on social media and gossiped about with your friends.  It's not about...

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