June 2019

The Fitness World Is Laced With Short-Term Solutions

Marketers run A/B Testing to compare two versions of a single variable. Do you respond better to: Blue vs Red background $297 vs $301 Basically, both options are pretty similar. A/B Testing the Fitness World If you look at nutrition and workout offerings today, entrepreneurs and investors are A/B testing pretty much the...

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Our Bodies Are Like One Time Use AirPods

Companies design for performance and sales, not life span. Extending product life is not consistent with growth on the financial side. Case in point, your AirPods will probably die soon. That's because every time you charge them, they degrade a little.  At first, their charge lasted five hours, but now...

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A Note From August 26, 2019

School for most was let out this past Friday. That means there are 87 days of summer with no set routine for the kids. It's a time of year that most adults have trouble making good food choices, sticking with workouts and getting enough recharge time. But in...

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