July 2019

Commitment Is The Most Important Pillar Of A Healthy Lifestyle

You and I probably would not argue that being committed is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. By definition, commitment can be either: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. To that, we say "Yes!" an engagement or obligation that restricts...

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Entertainment Is Great, But It’s Not Sustainable

The big questions of life have been replaced by entertainment. Everybody is buzzingly entertained but not necessarily progressing. The same holds true in the fitness world: Instead of focusing on the foundational pillars that lead to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle...

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What Does A Life Of Commitment Mean To You?

In David Brooks latest book, "The Second Mountain", he perfectly summarizes the simplest way to make a healthy life sustainable: A life of commitment means saying a thousand noes for the sake of a few precious yeses.  A life of health...

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Obligation To The Freedom You Have

Freedom can be defined differently depending on the stage of life you're in: At 10, you want the freedom to ride your bike down the street At 16, you want the freedom to take the keys and drive. At 21, you want the freedom to have a drink...

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