March 2020

Make Your Health Sustainable in Good Times and Bad

Avenu's philosophy since day one has been all about sustainability in good times and in bad. Right now is one of those bad times. Right now is your time to do something. Now is not the time to worry about losing weight or training for a race. With all...

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If You’ve Lost Weight and Regained It

I used to put my confidence in my ability to play soccer. Then my playing days were over. Next I put my confidence in my ability to run. Then my body started breaking down. Finally I put my confidence in my ability to build Avenu. Then my health...

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Right now, you need your health more than ever.

Warren Buffet once wrote: "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." Right now, the tide around the world is going out: Coronavirus spread Loss of an hour of sleep Global financial meltdown Stress and anxiety everywhere Right now, more than ever, stress...

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