30 Minute Fitness


Fitness can fit into your day. Our 30-minute individual and group workouts, led by a personal trainer, start and end right on schedule so that your workout will never run long and throw off the rest of your schedule.

Book a solo session, or increase your accountability by working out with others. Form your own group or let us pair you with a workout partner who has a similar wellness outlook and goals.

And you can supplement your trainer workouts by taking part in our free conditioning sessions and making use of our conditioning equipment. See our FAQ for more details.


$60 /individual sessions
$38 /small group sessions


Training sessions start every 30 minutes

5 am-6:30 pm Monday-Thursday

5 am-1:00 pm Friday

7:30-11:00 am Saturday


The length of your workout isn’t the same as the quality of your workout. Most 60-minute workouts are hard to fit into your schedule. They could also leave you overworked and fail to deliver real results.

By focusing on a few vital movements, adding the right intensity and resting in between, you can achieve more in 30 minutes than you would in 60.

And here’s the really important thing: You’re a lot more likely to stick with a workout that fits into your schedule. When fitness becomes a sustainable part of your life, you’ll have more energy to do the things that are important to you and you’ll build a foundation of good health that will give you more active years with the people you love.


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