4 ways frozen food can improve your life

4 ways frozen food can improve your life

In today’s world of health and quality, the word fresh is king.  The fresher and more local it is, the better it is for you, the environment, and the next 16 generations of your offspring.  However great fresh produce may be, it isn’t always what we feed ourselves and/ or our family. (That is assuming you are feeding your family fruit and veggies.)

I am here to offer you an alternative to fresh produce and rid you of your excuses of not getting enough fruit and veg in your life.

Here we go.

*Wait, pump the brakes.  Allow me to offer my disclaimer before some of you start in on me on the benefits of fresh.  I already am an avid fan of fresh.  By all means go fresh as often as you can.  Support the farms in your area.  Visit them, visit them at the farmer’s market, buy up everything you can/ want.  Heck, buy up their goods and freeze what you must to have for those rainy days. *

Okay let’s get back on track and get out your ponchos.  Rainy days happen.  Sometimes you are busy.  It happens.  It’s okay.  Just make sure you have your umbrella.  Or in this case, a freezer that has some frozen fruit and veg.

Here are some great ways that you can use frozen produce:

  • Save the day: Buy some bags of frozen mixed veggies or green beans to throw in a stir fry.  A stir fry is the ultimate way to save dinner and end the day on a high note.  Want to make fried rice or even some “paleo” cauli-rice? Go right ahead.  You can still drop in the frozen veggies.
  • Ditch the Bluebell: That might anger some here in the republic of Texas where Bluebell has become its own food group.  Oh well, it isn’t that great anyways, make your own.  Grab a frozen banana (make sure you take off the peel before you freeze), add around 1/2 cup of milk (you can use coconut, almond, dairy), some vanilla extract, and any other fruit you would like.  Peanut butter is a nice addition as well for all of you PB lovers. Blend it all together and you have homemade ice cream in under 5 minutes.
  • Green up a culinary delicacy: This one goes out to all those who have toddlers who inhale mac and cheese.  Okay and just people who love mac and cheese, no kids required.  Take some frozen peas and add to your prepared mac.  Who said mac and cheese wasn’t healthy?
  • Become a smooth(ie) criminal: Does this read as cheesy as I think it does? Man that’s bad. Don’t let that stop you from reading on.  Stock up on frozen fruits to make smoothies out of.  This seems common sense but sometimes we forget about this option.  You can always freeze fresh produce that is close to going bad to ensure you don’t waste it.   Keep in mind that good strawberries aren’t always available so frozen is a good alternative. A bonus is that the frozen fruit adds the desired creaminess to the smoothies.

So there you have it.

Four tried and true ways to eat better, save time, and not waste as much food.  Your produce doesn’t always have to be fresh.  Keep in mind that frozen produce is typically picked at its ripest point and then frozen, thus preserving all the goodness inside whereas fresh produce (in the grocery stores….and some farmers markets) has traveled from all over and lost some of the goodness while on their journey.

As always the key is to do the best you can.  Get more quality foods into your diet when and where you can.  You got this.

Ben MacMillan

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