A Note From August 26, 2019

A Note From August 26, 2019

School for most was let out this past Friday.

That means there are 87 days of summer with no set routine for the kids. It’s a time of year that most adults have trouble making good food choices, sticking with workouts and getting enough recharge time.

But in roughly 87 days, your future self is going to thank you for something you did today, be it…

  • a new habit you practiced,
  • a family walk after dinner,
  • a healthy summer time salad,
  • a 30 minute workout with a friend,
  • a 10 minute stretch before bed,
  • a phone call with a friend just to catch up,
  • a bike ride with the kids,
  • a walking meeting with a teammate,
  • a 5 minute timeout simply to pause and reflect,
  • a time of sharing your Highs / Lows for the day with your family

Even if you’re not sure of where it will lead, today’s the day to begin.

Summer will come and go regardless of what you do today. Might as well invest your time wisely.

Enjoy the week.

Brent Gallagher

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