How You Relate to Food is How You Relate to Everything

How You Relate to Food is How You Relate to Everything

I was in Austin this weekend at the Paleo f(x) conference to learn all the nuggets of wisdom I possibly could from leading experts in the paleo community.  It was an incredible weekend full of great information and better food (If you are in the Austin area go check out Odd Duck and The Salty Sow).

I’m sure when you read the words “paleo conference”, your brain conjured up images of meathead guys and gals munching on pounds of bacon.  This is only half true, it wasn’t all meathead guys and gals.  Actually come to think of it, there was very little bacon.

The paleo community as a whole is taking on topics that is quite impressive for a “diet-based” community.  There were lectures on shamanism, human consciousness, willpower studies, and sustainability.

One of the most profound points I walked away from the conference with was from the Civilized Caveman George Bryant, who said “How you relate to food is how you relate to everything in your life.

Wait what?!?!  What does your eating have to do with how good of a spouse, parent, or employee you are?


Eating is one of the most elemental aspects of life.  Your body deserves good food.  Your body deserves that you give a damn about feeding it healthful food.  Eating a salad for lunch one day is great and all but if you just eat crap every other time then that salad doesn’t mean much.

It’s like neglecting your wife and kids and then randomly one day you take them to the zoo and have a nice picnic.  Wow that’s great you spent a solid day with them and they loved it but then you go right back to paying little attention to them and focusing back on your fantasy football team.

Paying attention to how you treat yourself, because yes, eating is an extension of how you treat yourself, can definitely transfer into other areas.  I’m not saying the occasional ice cream means you are a terrible parent.  Don’t go to the extreme there.  I am saying that if 85% of the food you eat is not too great, take a long hard look at yourself.  If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your friends and family and the people who surround you.

I’ve had to do this in the past and I guarantee I will have to do it again in the future.  Eating healthy food is a challenge.  It’s sooooo much easier to go fast, cheap, and easy.  Being a good husband is a challenge.  It’s soooo much easier (yet not nearly as effective) to just go with the flow and be mindless about it.

If you eat poorly, you have little energy to go about your day.  If you have low energy, and much of it will be focused on “just getting through the day”, how can you be great at anything?  You can’t show your spouse the love they need, you can’t play that game with your kid where you have to run around for a little bit, and you can’t find the energy to be good to yourself and cook a healthy meal.  Quite the vicious cycle.

So how do you fix it?  With one healthy meal.  That in turn projects you into a positive cycle.

Eat good food–> have more energy–> more capable to be better person–> Your life improves–>Everyone’s life around you improves

It starts with one meal.   Can’t make this stuff up.  It’s all connected and it is about time we stop pretending it isn’t.

Ben MacMillan

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