Am I Willing?

Am I Willing?

So many things we seek are tethered to this one challenging question:

Am I willing?

When we begin to wrestle with this honestly, we begin to see that our success falls just the other side of how vulnerable we’re willing to be with ourselves and those we reach out to and ask for help.

What if you traded a 30 minute workout for a 30 minute conversation to start working through the root of the issue that once uncovered and laid out on the table, allows you to stop punishing yourself with gruling workouts and enjoy life again?

The toughest workout you could ever do isn’t in the gym.
The toughest coach you could ever work with isn’t a trainer.

The most challenging part of living a sustainable and fit life is being honest with ourselves and a few trusted advisors about the emotional stress and broken relationships that are truly holding us back.

Brent Gallagher

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