Are You Living a Life True to Yourself?

Are You Living a Life True to Yourself?

Today I wanted to make you question how you do life.  I think it’s important that we do this from time to time.  It is pretty easy to get into the rut of monotony: wake up, go to work, come home to watch tv, go to bed, repeat.

Unfortunately it takes something major like a death of a friend/ family member, an illness, divorce, or lay off for us to honestly assess how we live our lives.

I could sit here and go on a tangent and tell you that not everybody is so lucky to get the opportunity to enjoy a long life.  I could point out example after example of people’s lives cut short by accident, disease, or some other misfortune.  I could do all that, but we are selfish beings.

It’s easy to put the blinders on and go about our own business without thinking twice about the situation of others.

What I would like to do however is bring about an ability to do things with intent.  Think about the regrets of the dying.  The number 1 regret people had was not having the courage to live a life true to themselves and not the life other people expected of them.

Are you living a life that is true to yourself?

It’s interesting to think that the people  who seem to be the most authentic typically are the kids we thought were weird in high school.  They didn’t care so much about fitting in and sitting at the “cool kid” lunch table.  They wore interesting clothes, had funky hair, got made fun of the most and yet they were the most authentic people in the building.

They intently lived to be themselves while others intently focused on what to wear, say, or do to fit in.

That’s huge when you think about it.  I wish I had done more of that when I was younger.

The act of living intently is the number one thing we each can do to make sure we live the happiest, healthiest, and most prolific life possible.  Just think what your day would be like if you were intent with your:

  • health: you ate healthful foods and moved regularly
  • family and friends: you let them know you cared and loved them
  • yourself: you put effort into the things you wanted to put effort into

It isn’t rocket science, it’s probably more difficult.  Being who you want to be is challenging but can revolutionize place in the world.

The last regret of the dying was that they’d wish they’d let themselves be happier.  Seems simple.  If you are intent on being happy, happy you will be.

What if you were deliberate with how you lived your life?

What if we all were more authentic to ourselves?

Think of like this, not living intently is like wearing your buddy’s underwear.  Sure it might look cooler than your plain undies but they aren’t the right size, they smell a little funky, and restrict you in ways that might not agree with you.

It starts with one decision to do something intentional.  A good place to start would be listening to episode 7 of the PB and Gainz podcast where we go into this in a little more detail!

Ben MacMillan

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