Train with tomorrow in mind

Working out isn't about exhausting ourselves.   It's about uncovering the balance between just enough and still some left in the tank for later today.   Why?   Because you still have work, meetings, family time, kid events, friends over for dinner, and that ever growing to-do list...

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Want to know the best meal plan for fat loss?

Old school wisdom taught us: "Give a man a fish and he's hungry again in a few hours. Teach him how to fish and he'll live a fit and healthy life." So maybe I modified it a bit, but you see where I'm going. If your "diet" is...

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Curious about the most efficient method for fat loss?

Ironically, fat loss and cardio don't go hand in hand. But if you follow conventional fat loss wisdom, you'd feel you have to: Jog 3-5 miles Spin 45 minutes Sign up for a Marathon or Triathlon We know that exercise stimulates growth hormone.  The question remains: What specific type...

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Why Confronting Ourselves is the Key

The struggle to live a sustainably fit life is for real. Work demands force you to skip the workout. Your kids pickiness with food causes you to eat poorly. The busyness of your daily schedule leaves no room to train. Your stress is so high...

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The most attractive offer: Do less, then obsess

Work ethic will get you only so far on your pursuit to a fit life.  If you rely solely on it, the mental gremlins whisper: Are you burning enough calories? Did you really push yourself hard enough? Shouldn't you do more? The sense of not being enough or measuring...

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How to get away with working out less

Without an "off" there's technically no "on". Professional athletes have off-seasons to recover to perform at their best in season. We schedule vacations to recharge our batteries so we can thrive when we return. If your workout plan follows mainstream media, you'll feel that not crushing 110% is...

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Should You Double Your Workout Time?

We're halfway through 2018 and the mid-year slowdown is when most begin to question the fitness journey they are on. Am I doing enough? What if I added another day working out? Should I try that new diet everyone else is doing? This questioning leads us down a path to: ...

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Are You Starving for Your ‘Summer Body’?

How many articles about getting your "summer body" have you seen lately on magazine covers? The prospect of more time in shorts and swimsuits may have you looking to drop a few pounds quickly. The desire for fast weight loss can lead us to some pretty...

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5 Ways More Sleep Will Make You Healthy and Happy

It's the last push before the end of the school year. You're crazy-busy. With so much going on, you might be surprised that we're urging you to take some of your valuable time to get more sleep. After all, we're a gym. And perhaps you're used...

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