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Secret to a Better Nights Sleep: Foam Rolling

What is one thing we always need more of but never seem to get enough?  Sleep! With a 2 month old, I can say I did not realize how much I appreciated a full nights rest until now.  So, what little precious snooze time we do get...

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Superfoods = Quick & Easy Fat Loss

Blueberries, Acai, Goji berries, and maca. I’d say on average you might eat 25% of these foods on a regular basis (ya the blueberries).  We hear about them on the news, read about them on the internet and see the dehydrated versions sold in the health...

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3 Major Fat Loss Challenges

Challenge #1: My spouse isn’t quite on board with eating better so I can’t. This one is huge.  Quite often I have a client tell me that their husband/ wife just won’t commit to eating better and that is getting in the way of their progress.  Now,...

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