Commitment Is The Most Important Pillar Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Commitment Is The Most Important Pillar Of A Healthy Lifestyle

You and I probably would not argue that being committed is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

By definition, commitment can be either:

  1. the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. To that, we say “Yes!”
  2. an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action. To that, we say “Wait, what?” 

When commitment feels like a restriction of freedom, we start to add conditions to our commitments.

If / Then Scenarios

  • If I eat well all week, then I can enjoy myself on the weekend.
  • If I don’t drink at tonight’s dinner, then I can have an extra glass tomorrow.
  • If I spin for 45 minutes, then I don’t have to worry about dinner.
  • If I don’t work out on vacation, then there’s no reason to continue when I get back.
  • If I am going to work with a trainer, then I need to get in shape first (I hear this a lot).
  • If I am sweaty and my soreness lasts for days, then my workout was the best thing I could have done (I hear this a lot more).
  • If my knees hurt, then I’ll “just run” 3 miles instead of just taking the day off.
  • If I am not completely drenched and barely able to walk out under my own free will, then the workout was pointless and should push harder.
  • If some is good, then more is better….. (bad grammar I know, but “that’s what everybody else does” mentality is what leads to burn out, weight gain and lack of results).
 The only type of commitment that works:

Unwavering commitment is about continuing in a strong and steady way. In other words, it’s a dedication to perform physically demanding tasks in a balanced and sustainable way. No “if / then” scenarios here.

Unwavering commitment is just the way you do life.

  • It’s making healthy decisions in the moment, regardless of the hoopla and peer pressure you might face.
  • It’s about becoming the type of person who values sustainable solutions over cheating the system in hopes.
  • It’s maintaining your workout routine throughout a vacation or business trip.
  • It’s living in sustainable and healthy rhythms (sleep 7+hrs consistently, move 30 minutes most days, and purposefully slowing down to  recharge) even though society says “do more, do more, we wish you would.”

Look around: 

To see an unwavering commitment on display in an unhealthy way, look at 2 extremes:

  1. Smokers taking a smoke break
    • Regardless of where they might be or the weather outside, smokers will always find 5-minutes.
  2. Runners limping in pain
    • Early morning runners hobbling down the street is a norm. So much so, we don’t even ask questions. We just admire their commitment to keeping after it regardless of the pain…I guess.
We see these individuals and almost make excuses for them: Addiction. Habit. Weight loss. Training for a race.

But if we flip these unwavering commitments over to healthy, we see:

  1. That friend who always reads the menu thoroughly and modifies their order to get the healthiest dish possible.
  2. That colleague who brings their workout bag to the office daily and drinks.
  3. Those trainers who go to bed at 8:30 pm because they wake up at 4:00 am. 🤗
We say these people are the freaks. They’re “health nuts”. They don’t know how to let loose and have a little fun. “I could never live like that.”

Ultimately, the commitments you keep are up to you.

But bet the house on this: Avenu is unwavering in our commitment to singing this sustainable and healthy lifestyle song until we’re all in unison like Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner and Billy Joel in “We Are the World”

Here to help you stay the course. Email any questions.

Brent Gallagher

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