Curious about the most efficient method for fat loss?

Curious about the most efficient method for fat loss?

Ironically, fat loss and cardio don’t go hand in hand. But if you follow conventional fat loss wisdom, you’d feel you have to:

Jog 3-5 miles
Spin 45 minutes
Sign up for a Marathon or Triathlon

We know that exercise stimulates growth hormone.  The question remains: What specific type of exercise makes all the difference?

  • Short, intense bursts


Turns out that chronic cardio keeps your body in a “catabolic” state. That is, a state of constantly breaking down muscle (think your body going Hannibal Lecter on itself). Here what that means:

  1. Decreases fat metabolism – the scale doesn’t budge despite your extra effort
  2. Raises cortisol levels – fatigue, depression, anxiety, emotional, HBP, bone loss
  3. Increases oxidative damage – free radicals anyone: think ‘rusting’ of cells
  4. Systemic inflammation – joint pain & stiffness
  5. Depresses the immune system – sinuses, sickness, and fatigue.


Here’s a simple way to adapt short, intense bursts of exercise into your regular training program:

  1. Monday: in30 Workout VIDEO 1
  2. Tuesday: 4-8 Intervals: Sprint (run, bike, elliptical) 20 seconds. Recover: 2 minutes.
  3. Wednesday: in30 Workout VIDEO 2
  4. Thursday: Intervals: 10 yard sprints VIDEO3
  5. Friday: in30 Workout VIDEO4
  6. Saturday & Sunday: Rest, go for a long walk, slow bike ride, play with the kids
Brent Gallagher

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