Entertainment Is Great, But It’s Not Sustainable

Entertainment Is Great, But It’s Not Sustainable

The big questions of life have been replaced by entertainment. Everybody is buzzingly entertained but not necessarily progressing.

The same holds true in the fitness world:

Instead of focusing on the foundational pillars that lead to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle…

  • Sleeping more
  • Eating better
  • Training smarter

…we’ve pursued what feels good at the moment with little concern for tomorrow.

Workouts are now more about the experience:

  • disco lights,
  • loud music,
  • over the top trainers,
  • everybody high-fiving and excited,
  • exhaustedly sprawled out on the floor selfies,
  • moments of euphoria jam-packed into every single workout,
  • post workout social media recap complete with sweat drops on the floor to make sure everyone knows you ‘crushed it’ today.

Exer-taining is like chasing butterflies instead of stepping into true change that creates butterflies in your stomach. (can I get an amen for that one!?!?)

When we consistently sidestep the tough stuff in favor of the short-term feel good and fluffy stuff, we almost guarantee ourselves frustration a few weeks or months down the road.

Why not…?
Why not adopt a nutrition plan that’s sensible, that allows a little freedom and can be followed until you’re wearing moo moos and taking your teeth out to eat?

Why not adhere to a workout plan that focuses more on working-in energy instead of working-out every single last bit of reserve, leaving you running on fumes for the rest of the day?

Why not recharge your body with healthy sleep, regular stretching, and mobility work, along with slowing down to enjoy a walk around the neighborhood for no other reason than to say Hello to someone you pass?

Why not gather with your family for dinner once a week? Why not invite friends over to join?

Why not celebrate true community by breaking out the red Solo cups, paper plates, plastic silverware, and greasing up the slipping slide with dish soap just for the fun of it?

Why not keep asking “Why not…?”

Brent Gallagher

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