Evolution is inevitable. Change is important.

Evolution is inevitable. Change is important.

For exactly 9 years and 6 months, my gym has been known as West U Fitness (West University Place is the community we’re located in). To be honest, I never truly liked the name, but I had to get something quick and I’m not that creative.

So I took a bold step – one that might not work – to rebrand our name, our message, our colors, our look, our feel, our promise, and our overall training experience.

In other words: Evolution is inevitable.

If we were still operating the same way we did way back in 2006, we would be stagnant (AKA: losing clients, money, and future possibilities).

Change is important.

Whether it’s a complete brand overhaul like we did or a simple change in training philosophy – like adapting the 30 minute model – every personal trainer and training facility could stand a bit of improvement. Even the awkward first steps are regarded highly by your clients.

The key is to start improving one aspect of your brand on a daily basis:

  • How you greet clients at the door
  • The colors on your walls
  • What message you put out there on social media
  • How your engage your clients during a session
  • How you keep your facility clean
  • What adaptations are you making to your training philosophy

The list is endless, but the key is to pick one. Focus on it until it’s better than before. Then simply risen and repeat….

If you want a look inside our rebrand – check it out here: AvenuFitness

Brent Gallagher

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