Exhaustion isn’t a way of life

Exhaustion isn’t a way of life

If you’re exhausted in college, you’d go home and take a nap.

But if you’re exhausted today at…

… work, knowing you still have 2 meetings and lots of employee fires to put out,

… home, knowing you still have to run the kids back and forth and get dinner on the table,

When you’re exhauted and don’t have the luxury of bagging the rest of your day in favor of taking a nap and chilling out, you begin to question 2 very important things:

1) Why am I killing myself in my workouts when I’m already ehausted?

2) Is exhausted and hungry the true path to a sustainable and fit life?

A truly fit lifestyle is one that is sustainable. It’s one that doesn’t leave you wishing you had the day off from work or being a parent. It’s one that doesn’t have you dreading waking up tomorrow morning in pursuit of something you truly want but can’t stand the journey to get there in the first place.

Today, slow down and start to wrestle with these 2 questions.


Brent Gallagher

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