Healthy living starts in the Kitchen

Healthy living starts in the Kitchen

It is referred to as the heart of the home.  The kitchen.

Ground zero for the war on healthy living.  It is where food is prepared, or it’s not.  It is where food is stored.  It’s where people gather during get togethers.  It is pretty important.  Hence the want for custom cabinets, handles, huge ranges, and granite counter tops.

Yet with all the improvements we’ve made to the kitchen, we’ve lost the ability to cook!

We are a culture of fast food and fine dining.  What is quick and convenient has replaced made from scratch and homemade.  I love a good restaurant meal just as much as the next guy but there is a sense of pride and enjoyment that comes out of preparing your own meals that can’t be replicated.

I’m no great culinary icon but I do enjoy cooking.  I get frazzled by cooking on three different burners at once, I knock my phone into a full sink and I tend to neglect spices in my recipes but I enjoy cooking.  My wife can and will attest to all of the above.

What brought this post to mind is my younger brother.  He is a college freshman and he eats like a small army.  He is also discovering how to cook.  He sticks to the basics and he calls with interesting questions such as “should the George Foreman be smoking?”.  I usually refer him to my wife but my lack of answers makes me realize how little I know about the art of cooking.  The process of learning to cook has given me a new appreciation for the food I eat.

So how do we find success in our cooking endeavors?

1.  Make the attempt–  Get in the kitchen and try.  You will fail, but you will also learn how to make it better!

2. Get the family involved– Get the husband, wife, kids, mother, father, everybody on board.  Plan out recipes together!  Prepare them together!

3. Enjoy it– Simply enjoy it.  The more tedious you make it, the less inclined you’ll be to do it.  Have themed weeks, make something crazy you found on Pinterest, use a lot of Sriracha, get wild.

Bust out the cast irons, aprons, and hair nets and have at it!

Ben MacMillan

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