How to get away with working out less

How to get away with working out less

Without an “off” there’s technically no “on”.

Professional athletes have off-seasons to recover to perform at their best in season.
We schedule vacations to recharge our batteries so we can thrive when we return.

If your workout plan follows mainstream media, you’ll feel that not crushing 110% is for the weak, the less committed, the not so serious. But what if we have it all wrong?

What if constantly training harder than anyone else in the gym, constantly pushing yourself harder and harder in each workout, never allowing your body (or your mind) to have a break from the constant drip of adrenaline, had the opposite affect?

Overtaxing our body looks like this:

  • Constantly sore: You feel a great workout is based on how sore you are.
  • Mentally drained: Lack focus and energy at work or around the house.
  • Increased cortisol: Elevates inflammation and decreases muscle building hormones.
  • Adrenaline junkie: You can’t take a day off because your body is addicted to the workout high, even though it’s burning you out.


What’s most frustrating is that others who are not killing themselves with intense training and cardio, skimping on sleep to crush another workout, and following some extreme diet regimen, are progressing faster than you. What?!?!

Overtaxing our bodies produces too much cortisol, which means that while you’re trying to recover between workouts, your body spends more resources trying to fix the inflammation problem instead of repairing and building muscle.

In a nutshell, that means your body just becomes one hot mess even though you feel your doing everything right.

What can you do to avoid overtaxing your body on weekly basis?

  1. High Intensity Conditioning Sessions
    • 1-2 sessions lasting about 15-20 minutes
    • IE: 4-8 sprints (run, bike, etc) last 20-40 seconds. Recover for 90 – 120 seconds.
  2. Lifting Weights
    • 2-3 sessions lasting 30 minutes of muscle building lifts
    • 8-12 reps with a heavy weight. No, you won’t get bulky.
  3. Sleep
    • Consistently getting 7+hours
    • True recovery happens in deep sleep
Brent Gallagher

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