How To Win The Sprint To The Finish Line

How To Win The Sprint To The Finish Line

Most plan their next vacation with precision: 

  • Flights and connections are tight
  • Transportation to, from and around your destination is locked in.
  • RSVP’s are made at the right restaurants at the right times.
  • Outings are researched, planned, and booked
  • Eager anticipation builds over the months and weeks prior
  • With days to go, your to-do list is weighted and measured for efficiency
  • You say “no” to things that are not helping you get things marked off your list.
  • The day before, 100% focus is devoted to the mission of departing on time tomorrow.

A challenging question:

What if you planned to take care of your health
the same way you plan for vacation?

It may sound silly, but living a healthy lifestyle makes vacations a lot more enjoyable. Heck, for that matter, a healthy lifestyle makes weekday mornings, evenings and even the weekends a lot more enjoyable.

Instead of being reactive with our health, not seeking out guidance until it’s too late, why not be proactive and take the bull by the horns. Trust me, poor health will eventually settle in if you neglect your current healthy state.

Simple steps within your control:

I even put them in order of priority for you:

  1. Aiming to sleep for 7+ hrs regularly, not just weekends and vacations.   
  2. Filling 1/2 your plate with veggies for 2 meals a day.
  3. Lifting weights 2-3 x’s a week.
  4. Elevating your heart rate 1-2 x’s a week (join me for free conditioning).
  5. Walking, biking or playing with the kids for 15-30 minutes regularly.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, the above 5 steps haven’t changed. That is because it’s the consistency of the healthy journey you’re on that will pay off over the long-term.

If you stay the course, avoiding jumping for diet to diet, being mesmerized by flashy new workout programs, and stop comparing your fat loss success to the social media tabloids, you’ll laugh at how simple a healthy and fit lifestyle truly is.

Here’s the deal:

Stick to steps 1- 5 above for 3 months straight. Head down and focused like you’ve planned a vacation for 3 months from today.

  • Workouts are scheduled.
  • Mindless eating shifts to mindful eating.
  • Conditioning is a 1-2 day habit.
  • Double up on veggies when ordering lunch.
  • Taking the stairs, even if it’s up 5+ floors.
  • Not eating crappy because “the kids won’t eat anything else.”
  • Lifting weights 2-3 days is a weekly routine. 
  • Walking, biking, and playing are part of a natural rhythm of life.

At the end of three months, you can’t control the outcome.  But, what you can control, is the confidence you have knowing you’ve consistently taken the proper steps to produce the desired outcomes.  

Brent Gallagher

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