Life, Like The Weather, Swims In Uncertainty

Life, Like The Weather, Swims In Uncertainty

Like it or not, life swims in uncertainty. 

Few factors epitomize this as much as the Houston weather.

Today, we’re enjoying cool and stormy Spring weather. Tomorrow, it could be so hot and sticky that we would wish for Summer to be over already. And 10-days from now, it’s simply a roll of the dice. 

Even with the best radar technology, persistent forecasting and numerous model outputs, it’s best to check your favorite weather app daily. (Side note: Remember “And now, your Local on the 8s” and how frustrated you got if you missed it and had to wait another 8 minutes!)

Small talk with yourself.

“Can you believe how great the weather is today?” or “Did you hear the storm last night?” is a simple way to start a conversation and get through “small talk” easier with friends and strangers. And since talking about the weather is the most basic and natural topic of conversation, why not start an honest conversation with yourself by asking:

How’s my weather today?

Some questions you might ask:

  • I’m I tired or well rested?
  • I’m I stressed about the day?
  • If so, what’s my go-to when I need an outlet? (drinking, work, food, busyness, over-scheduling, saying Yes to every thing, Netflix, shopping, spa treatments, running, working out, SportsCenter and various other types of addictions)
  • What’s a healthy alternative outlet that will enrich my day vs numb me from feeling it?
  • Is today the day I finally have an open dialog with someone about what’s truly driving me or will I continue with the passive aggressive monolog in my head?  
By checking in with yourself daily, you break the unsettling silence you typically drown out with the noise of busyness.

By checking in with yourself daily, you regain the much needed self-awareness that helps to relieve the tension created by the gap between shame (feeling insecure, worthless, stupid, foolish, silly, inadequate, or simply less than) and silence.

Words to live by: 

When the street you’re driving down is flooded ahead of you: Turn around. Don’t drown. 

The same holds true when you check-in with yourself daily: If it’s stormy and flooded, stop and evaluate the situation before speeding up and trying to make it through without suffering any consequences.

In other words: 

If you’re having trouble with maintaining good health, keeping the weight off and consistently making good food and drink choices, it might be worth addressing the true driver (past wounds) of your choices instead of seeking out another workout regime, cardio routine or diet plan to fill the gap. 

Sit on this one a bit and let me know if you have any questions.

Brent Gallagher

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