Make Your Health Sustainable in Good Times and Bad

Make Your Health Sustainable in Good Times and Bad

Avenu’s philosophy since day one has been all about sustainability in good times and in bad.

Right now is one of those bad times. Right now is your time to do something.

Now is not the time to worry about losing weight or training for a race.

With all the uncertainty going on in your world and around the globe, now is your time to double down on the basics that make up a healthy lifestyle:

  • Sleeping 7+ hours nightly.
  • Making the better choice when ordering out.
  • Moving regularly throughout your day.

The key is to do something.

If you sit inside, it’s going to get dark and grim and the stress and uncertainty of the things to come will start to weigh you down and you’ll develop bad habits.

The crazy thing is, this will pass.

We don’t know when, but when it does pass, will you have good healthy habits or will have you developed bad habits that put you far behind where you could have ever imagined?

My encouragement to you is this:

Do something.

Brent Gallagher

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