One Area To “Go All In” If You Want A Healthy Life

One Area To “Go All In” If You Want A Healthy Life

Sometimes an all or nothing approach works best.  As Hernan Cortes did in 1519 by “burning the boats”, it sends a clear message: 

  • You’ve crossed a line never to cross back.
  • There’s no hedging, no looking over your shoulder.
  • Everything now – all thoughts and efforts – must be focused on succeeding in this new reality.

Here at Avenu, we’re not much on taking drastic measures. Besides, it’s about sustainability. But there is one area where I feel drastic measures should be taken:

Inside your home, create a safe haven
from all comfort and tempting food and drinks.  

Let me explain:

According to the humorous Urban Dictionary, a “safe haven” is that safe place you go to get away from the perceived lunacy of the world. 

When you get home after a busy and stressful day, your willpower is gone. You crave comfort, convenience and easy. If your pantry and fridge are stocked with weight gaining convenience, you don’t stand a chance.

What will I eat? Man food vs Earth food

Man food | Clean it out

  • processed in a factory
  • comes in a package
  • loaded with endless ingredients you can’t pronounce 

Earth food | Eat it up

  • grown or raised on a farm
  • no packaging required
  • one ingredient and you don’t have to read a food label to understand its make up

Yes, it will take 15 minutes to prepare something. But when you have 26 awesome recipes to choose from that only take 15 minutes, it boils down to choices.

Will you choose to complain about the difficulty of losing weight while your home is stocked with food and drinks that aren’t supporting your lifestyle? Will you choose to complain about how much time you have to spend at the gym and running / spinning trying to lose the weight?

– OR –

Will you create a safe haven within your home so you and your family aren’t tempted to give into your cravings simply because you’re tired? Will you invest just 15 minutes to prepare healthy food to save you time from stressing over trying to figure out ways to fit in more workout and cardio time?

Before you pledge to do enough cardio to burn off those 10 lbs that have creeped up over the last year. Before you tackle some quest to “lose this gut”.  Before you go “all in” on some extreme diet, remember this:

It’s not how hard you work, it’s how long you’re willing to commit to the journey. Besides, a person in such a hurry seldom gets good results. 

The first step is clear: Create a healthy and sustainable safe haven within your own home for you and your family to thrive.

Brent Gallagher

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