Our Team

What do I do at Avenu Fitness? Dream up crazy ideas and constantly ask “What if…?” But my most useful role is probably being the official Avenu greeter.

The Avenu philosophy is based on my own experiences. I used to take extreme measures to stay fit. I ran countless marathons, spent hours at the gym, cut out all fat and slept about 5.5-6 hours a night only to end up more stressed and in worse health than before I started. Then I realized it wasn’t about the time I spent training. It was about investing more into my sleep, making better food choices and, yes, training less.

My fitness talents include being able to run fast backward and not fall. This doesn’t serve any purpose in life expect to wow my kids, which makes me like Superman in their eyes for a few more years.

Brent Gallagher

Owner & Performance Coach

I work along side my handsome husband, Brent Gallagher, and the rest of our talented team as we serve our community with an attainable, unique and convenient fitness experience. Training clients, overseeing the finances and making our community feel welcome are all on the list of what I do at Avenu.

Like most people, I have had my share of ups and downs with my health. Today, I’m about keeping it simple and living my life with the strong pillars of sleep, quality food, movement and positive mindset.

Going through my own journey helps me with each client at Avenu. I especially enjoy connecting with other moms, as I know they are on a journey similar to mine. When all is said and done, I’d like to be known for making life, fitness and work more enjoyable for everyone I meet.

Cassie Gallagher

Owner & Performance Coach

I do everything I can to help my clients lead pain-free, active lives through Pilates. I bring a creative and athletic approach to my classes. Pilates with me will be intense, but you will become strong and balanced and function better than ever.

I’m fully certified in Balanced Body Pilates from Mat to Reformer and Cadillac. I also have specialized certifications in low-back disorders, knee and hip disorders and pre- and postnatal Pilates.

Living life with abundance and love fuels my passion for Pilates. I am an eternal optimist. Cancer drew me closer to my now-husband; a career-ending injury in ballet brought me to Pilates. I’ve been through a lot, and I know there is always happiness waiting around the corner.

Meagan Finley

Pilates Instructor/Pilates Manager

I help with financials, bookkeeping, etc. Basically I keep this place rocking!

For me, working out is about both staying fit and being social. Besides playing sports, I love watching them, whether in person or on TV. You’ll also find me spending quality time with my family, taking trips with friends and just getting outside whenever I can.

My other talents include being the gadget guy around here. I’m known for helping clients with their iPhones and other electronic devices. And I’m proud of my artistic eye.

Deorick Castillo

Client Relations

I incorporate my physical therapy background into my training style so that I can set my clients up to succeed outside of the gym.

I am known for being personable and relatable with clients. But I am also known for being musically challenged and not a great DJ. Consider yourself warned!

When I’m not at work, I love food and experimenting in the kitchen. I will attempt most things — think kefir, roasted pig head and raw liver pills — at least once. I also enjoy walks with my family on the bayous or through neighborhoods and just being outside. And I attempt to watch my Aggies when I have time (and they are not crushing my dreams).

David Fennell

Performance Coach

I help educate both our trainers and clients at Avenu Fitness. I help clients move better, and I’m always there to listen and give advice.

It’s important to me to brighten other people’s days. I listen deeply to clients’ needs and wants. And I encourage a stress-free environment, a place where you can come and let out aggression, feel better or just move to get the blood flowing.

When you meet me, you’ll find that I’m good at making conversation and that I know at least a little about everything except dance, chick flicks and math. Ask me about the Dallas Cowboys instead, or my favorite travel experiences. I love summers and the beach, and, if I could, I’d spend every winter in the Caribbean.

Blake Judice

Performance Coach

I wear several hats: coaching, leading, assisting our team, marketing, managing clientele and trying to build a small coffee business from the ground up. I’m warm and welcoming, and I take the time to answer questions because I want our clients to truly feel like family members as we work together on their goals.

As a kid, I enjoyed training for sports, and when I got older, I chose a career on that passion. I help others build their determination and work hard, and I take pride in their accomplishments. Sparking others’ motivation never gets old. It’s what gets me up in the morning.

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me traveling, skydiving and cheering for the Houston Rockets and Cougars (plus the San Francisco 49ers). I also make a mean hummus!

James Mashni

Performance Coach

“Trainer” doesn’t fully cover my job description. I’m also the new client liaison, so I’ll be the one who welcomes you to the Avenu Fitness experience. And I’m a bit of an entertainer!

My background is in competitive team sports, so I love the team atmosphere here. The group workout setting is an amazing way to teach people how to love working out again. It takes them back to their playground days with their friends.

More about me: I’m a small-town Nebraska girl transplanted to Houston. My perfect day is doing anything outside with my husband, son and dog. I love cycling … and marshmallows!

Angie Parker

Performance & Triathlete Coach

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